Has Beens
Why are we still paying attention to these people?

  1. Steve Ballmer

    He's trying to be as important as Bill Gates but just doesn't have the knowledge or vision.

  2. Dick Cheney

    Doesn't his first name say it all? This guy basically ran the country for 8 years, pulling strings on the puppet president of the time. He has had his fun. Let's move on. Diplomacy is what is needed now. After Dick, we need to rebuild our image in the world.

  3. Bin Ladin

    Represents the old school - let's move on.
    Turkey is trying to do just that.

  4. Paris Hilton

    Spoiled little rich girl who can't imagine that she may not be important.

  5. Sarah Palin

    Why do we feel we should listen to someone who knows less about what's happening in the world than most high school students? The woman has already clearly shown that she can't even fulfill her full term in an elected office, but instead chooses to reject the office for which she was elected in favor of making more money doing the speech circuit.

More to be added later.