Idiot of the week:


Not only was the Orlando bomber incredibly stupid for allowing himself to get mixed up the whole "ISIS" nonsense, but he apparently also thought himself mentally connected with the Boston Marathon idiot. This guy was so incredibly stupid that he apparently also worked for a company illegally transporting illegal immigrants. This asshole was apparently so bad to his ex-wife (e.g., the usual abuse nonsense), that she had to leave him ("He was a person filled with hate"). The idiot even called 911 to tell them of his allegiance to the stupid assholes known as "ISIS". Did 911 really care? Do any of us really care about this idiot? Nope.

So, instead of living in a world full of love, kindness, freedom, and caring for his neighbor, he instead choose to end his miserable little life. Don't get me wrong. I'm fine with him ending his miserable little life. I'm not fine with him taking 49 other lives with him!


Who will be winner of the "Idiot of the week" award next week? Stay tuned. We all know there will be one. Probably there will be a competition for it! The poor idiots...